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School Improvement Plan

Blenheim Primary School Improvement Plan 2022-23

Leadership and Management

  1. For Governors to ensure that they maintain their focus on continued improvement to meet the high expectations and ambition they have for the school by improving their knowledge through planned visits and engagement with the school community
  2. To develop succession planning in the school to ensure all levels of leadership and management impact positively on cultivating excellence in all areas of the school.
  3. For Subject Leaders to positively impact on teaching and learning in their subject through ensuring effective subject knowledge, confident pedagogy, responsive and efficient formative and summative assessment and a challenging curriculum which embeds important knowledge and cultural capital.
  4. To ensure a safe and stimulating learning environment, through upgrading the fabric of the school.
  5. To develop the strategic role of the Deputy Headteachers and their impact on staff development.

The Quality of  Education

  1. For the English curriculum to be refreshed including phonics, reading, writing and oracy so that children are achieving outstanding progress.
  2. To ensure children are able to catch up with any lost learning through quality first teaching and interventions so that their attainment in all subjects is in line with achieving end of key stage expectations.
  3. Review the curriculum to ensure it reflects the diversity of the school and promotes the equality, engagement and attainment of all children including New to English children.

Behaviour and Attitudes

  1. To expand the use of Restorative Practice in school to support self-regulation of behaviour.
  2. To ensure attendance is back up to national pre-Covid levels for all groups of children.

Personal Development

  1. To develop effective character education through involving all of the school community.
  2. To ensure there are a wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities available which impact on children’s personal development including those with SEND and higher ability.
  3. To focus on children’s and staff’s health and well-being, with the aim of promoting a happy, healthy school community.

Other Areas of Focus as part of the 3 year plan

Leadership and Management

Continue to ensure that provision is value for money and of a high standard so that children receive a fully rounded education and are supported to achieve the best possible outcomes. Governance to continue to have a high focus – developing school accountability and governor involvement.

The Quality of Education

Ensure that all children, including vulnerable groups and high achievers, achieve outstanding results across the curriculum. For teaching to be consistently outstanding.  Monitor the curriculum to ensure that what we intend is implemented and has the desired impact. 

Behaviour and Attitudes

Continue to focus on intrinsic motivation and self regulation of good behaviour inside and outside the classroom. Strive for excellent attendance.

Personal Development

High focus on Character Education and PSHE/SMSC education going forward. Monitor and evaluate provision and progress.