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School Improvement Plan

Blenheim Primary School Improvement Plan 2020-21

Leadership and Management

  • To build on the expertise and skills of the governing body to ensure that governors monitor their own and the school’s effectiveness in ensuring stakeholder engagement, meeting statutory requirements and achieving the high expectations they have for the school.
  • To develop Assistant Headteachers’ impact in school on cultivating excellence in the classroom and to nurture Subject Leaders to monitor and evaluate the provision in their subject to ensure learning is maximised across the school.
  • Ensure a safe and stimulating learning environment, through upgrading the fabric of the school.

The Quality of  Education

  • To monitor and evaluate the impact of the implementation of plans for the wider curriculum, ensuring that high standards are achieved especially for those pupils who are capable of reaching higher levels.
  • To ensure children are able to catch up with lost learning so that their attainment in core subjects is in line with achieving end of key stage expectations including year 4 children achieving national expectations in the new times table test.
  • To ensure the curriculum reflects and celebrates the multi-ethnic diversity of the school.
  • To ensure quality distance learning is in place should it be required.

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • To fully introduce and grow the use of Restorative Practice in school to support self-regulation of behaviour.
  • To re-structure lunchtimes so that children are motivated to enjoy happy, healthy playtimes.

Personal Development

  • To ensure quality physical education lessons positively impact on children’s health and well-being.
  • To focus on children’s and staff’s mental health, ensuring they feel happy and safe in the wake of the pandemic.

Other Areas of Focus as part of the 3 year plan

Leadership and Management

To continue to develop devolved leadership across the school so that all levels of leadership are having an impact on teaching and learning and are accountable.

The Quality of Education

Ensure all teaching and learning is outstanding.

Behaviour and Attitudes

To continue to develop outstanding learning behaviours of pupils.

Personal Development

To continue to improve  personal development and wellbeing of pupils and staff so that they are outstanding.