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Pupil Well-being Charter

We believe that every pupil at Blenheim should have the opportunity to enjoy the highest possible standard of well-being and mental health.

What is well-being?  It is feeling physically and mentally healthy and well.

To support pupils’ mental health,

Staff will:

  • Include mindfulness activities within the curriculum.
  • Organise team games across the curriculum, to build positive relationships.
  • Deliver circle time and PSHE lessons where all children will be listened to.
  • Deliver PE lessons so that children can focus their minds.
  • Listen to the opinions of children within their classes.
  • Always be available to listen to the worries and anxieties of all children.
  • Provide team building activities in PE and PSHE.

Pupils will:

  • Play together in an inclusive way.
  • Be a good friend and approach children who are on the buddy bench.
  • Demonstrate the Blenheim values: be kind; be helpful; be honest; be polite be respectful and be co-operative.
  • Speak to trusted adults when they feel frightened, scared, anxious or worried.
  • Use the scrap shed equipment to work with others and take part in imaginative play.

To support pupils’ physical health,

Staff will:

  • Provide opportunities for pupils to use playground equipment.
  • Encourage children to run around the mile a day track.
  • Provide first aid promptly when needed.
  • Provide a safe environment for children when learning and playing.
  • Will deliver PE lessons so that children feel energised.
  • Provide nutritious school meals (and snacks in Foundation and Key Stage 1).
  • Support Healthy Eating through PSHE lessons and through the School Food Ambassadors.

Pupils will:

  • Encourage others to join in games at playtime.
  • Use the mile a day track.
  • Use the outdoor gym equipment.
  • Eat a balanced lunch each day.
  • Drink water throughout the day to keep hydrated.
  • Enjoy healthy meals and packed lunches with the support of the School Food Ambassadors.