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At Blenheim Primary School we recognise that mathematics underpins much of our daily lives and therefore is of paramount importance to us to ensure that our children have the best possible grounding in mathematics during their time with us. Our maths curriculum is designed to develop children's knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts. 

In our lessons

1. Children start the lessons with retrieval practice to  support the development of long term memory.

2. Teachers clearly model using direct instruction.

3. Children have the opportunity to practice processes and skills.

4. Teachers & teaching assistants 'live mark' to provide instant feedback and to move learners on where necessary.

5. Pupils receive written feedback in the form of a star and a next step. The next step is to apply skills practiced within a reasoning problem. 

6. Work is pitched to enable individuals to be stretched and challenged.

7. Once knowledge and processes are acquired children move onto reasoning questions. 

8. Specific arithmetic skills are taught weekly. 

Our curriculum is specifically designed in spiral format, so children have repeated and purposeful opportunities to practice knowledge / skills taught. 

We teach children to apply the knowledge / skills taught previously, whilst attempting word problems. The children use RUCSAC as a prompt - Read, Underline, Choose operation, Solve, Answer, Check with Inverse.


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