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Annual Governance Statement

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Governance Objectives for 2022/23



  1. Governors will reflect with Senior leaders upon what has been learnt from the changes made during the pandemic and what could or should now be implemented to develop learning and improve the health and safety of all stakeholders.


  1. The board will fully complete its programme for monitoring the effectiveness of governance by ensuring that the monitoring process is externally validated.


  1. All Governors will meet more frequently with staff and with pupils in the classroom.


  1. The Board develop governor and staff activities with parents.


  1. Governors will commission a staff welfare survey and review/act on its recommendations.


  1. Governors will complete the updated Governor Skills Analysis, provide any necessary training or skills updating and identify skills gaps on the Board.


  1. The Board will undertake a 360 Competency Review of its Chairperson.


  1. Governors will sponsor and encourage the “50 Things to Do….” initiative.


  1. The Board will be proactive in encouraging the development of healthy lifestyles, fitness and wellbeing amongst pupils and staff.


  1. The Board will seek to extend the opportunities outside of school for the development of both staff and pupils – particularly those with a special need, a gift or a talent.


  1. Governors will explore and report on the possibility of creating an Alumni programme.




Philip Marsland 

Chair of Governors

August 2022