Blenheim Primary School, Leeds

P.E. funding

Sports Premium 15/16 – 16/17

The Government announced that from September 2013 schools were to receive an additional £9,000 to improve the quality of sport and PE for all their children. This document outlines how the 2015/2016 was spent and how we plan to spend the 2016/2017 premium.

PE and Sport play a very important part in the life of Blenheim Primary School. We aim to provide at least two, hour-long sessions per week which are dedicated to physical activity in the curriculum. We believe that physical education and sport contribute to the holistic development of young people and through participation in sport and physical education, young people learn more about key values such as teamwork, fair play and respect for themselves and others.  There is also significant evidence to show the positive effects of sport and exercise on children’s physical health, growth and development. Furthermore, sport also provides a healthy environment for young people to learn how to deal with competition and how to cope with both winning and losing.

Spending breakdown for 2015/2016

Use of funding

Success Criteria



Leeds Rhinos Coaches

· To provide high quality games lessons.

· To Model high quality PE teaching for teachers.

· To inspire and motive children to participate in sport.

· Organise a day to remember and encourage the children to attend a professional sports event.


· Pupils introduced to a wider variety of sports.

· Pupils motivated and inspired in PE lessons.

· Teachers gained new ideas that can be used in their lessons.

Cyber Coach

· Aid in the delivery of safe and quality dance lessons.

· Use for increasing quality and activity level of wake up shake up.


· Teacher more confident teaching dance.

· Higher quality dance lessons taught.

Flex dance after school club

· Provide high quality and safe after school provision – free for children who attend.

· Organise a final show at the end of each half term for the children involved.


· Children have enjoyed dance sessions.

· Pupils have developed better body control and understanding of dance.

Judo after school club

· To provide high quality, safe after school provision – free of charge for the children.

· To give children the opportunity to experience a sport that is not provided in the curriculum.

· For children to develop body control and discipline.


· Children enjoyed Judo club.

· Pupils developed in ability and confidence.

· Pupils developed an appreciation for a non-curriculum sport.

Improve and extend range of sport and PE equipment

· To have correct equipment to deliver national curriculum.

· To have appropriate size equipment for KS1 pupils.


  • Quality of PE lessons has improved due to having enough and correct equipment.


Provide sports equipment for playtime.

· Increase physical activity at break and lunch times.

· Increase opportunities for children to use fundamental movement skills.


· Physical activity levels at break time have increased.

· Pupils have had more time to practice basic skills.

Install permanent basketball nets on the playground.

· To provide high quality equipment for PE lessons.

· To allow for after school clubs and competitive games with other schools.

· To give opportunity to practice skills at break and lunch.


Payment 1

  • Installation not complete.



Funding allocation 2016/2017

At Blenheim we have decided to spend the premium as follows;

  • To continue to offer a range of offer school clubs that are free of charge for the children.
  • To continue to work with Leeds Rugby Foundation Programme to provide high quality games lessons in curriculum time and allow teachers to observe best practice.
  • To continue to extend and improve the range of sport and PE equipment available.
  • To continue to invest in permanent outdoor basketball nets.
  • To work with expert gymnastics coaches to provide high quality gymnastics lessons and allow teachers to observe best practice.
  • To extend the range of after school clubs available.
  • To provide CPD sessions on areas teachers identify as a weakness. (Audit to be completed September 2016)
  • To pay to enter teams in competitions.
  • To transport pupils to and from events.


 Aims for Sports Premium:

1. All teachers have access to high quality CPD for increased skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence in gymnastics, dance and athletics.

2. Children have the opportunity to take part in a wider range of different sports.

3. Children have an increased enjoyment of PE, and many become involved in extra-curricular sport.

3. Children become more active, as a result of the afterschool sports provision and break time equipment available.

4. Teachers observed by the PE coordinator in gym, dance and athletics, with strengths celebrated and areas for further development identified.

5. Children inspired by professional gymnasts, dancers and athletes who visit the school to give workshops and run courses.

6. Termly intra-school competitions for all children.

7. Half termly inter-school competitions for all children.